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Come in up Dance Floor. Step to the前の方

Come in up Dance Floor. Don't worry move your body

Graffiti Angel
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Hello and welcome! (^^) I'm glad you're interested in reading about me! BUT :O I'm paranoid about who reads my journal so it's friends only (;^_^A Most of the time it's just random waffling/spamming/flailing but sometimes it can get personal, so I'd rather not share it to the whole world and bore everyone :9 You can click on the linky above and comment to let me know you're interested in being spammed and stalked in being friends with me :D

I'm Teej, female, half Japanese/English and studying Japanese at London SOAS, though actually living in the middle of nowhere in East Anglia. I'm tall (175cm XD;), I have my blank moments, and I generally fail in life. But it's ok. Failing can be fun... as long as I can flail over it afterwards.


I love listening to all kinds of music, but my recent favourite is J-pop! I have a massive list so it's better just to check out my last.fm further down to get a better idea of who I like (^_~)

Reading is another pastime I enjoy, but I mostly read manga, sci-fi and fantasy. I love Death Note, One Piece, Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover), Iryu (Team Medical Dragon), and recently anything by Adachi Mitsuru (>_<) My favourite authors at the moment are Tom Holt and Robert Rankin :D

Translating also doesn't seem like much of a hobby but it is for me~ I enjoy translating random articles and lyrics, websites... anything that I may be interested in (or my friends poke me to translate) (^^)

If I won't be doing all of the above then I will draw. Chibis are my specialty and inking is my favourite method. But I have a LONG way to go (;;´`)

And the internet. (How could I not put that on there!? XD;) I love chatting online to people and just general spazzing around websites so if you want to poke me anytime feel free~ just let me know first cause otherwise I don't generally accept people I don't know (^^)v


Random facts:

~ If I can draw it, I will
~ Useless information only takes a second to remember
~ Making J-jokes is a profession
~ It's proven, I never get full
~ I love midnight walks, but midnight walks with a tubs of ice cream are better
~ My muses Keike are great - if they don't go off and make out somewhere


The theme for round 3 is "DA PUMP" Taken from their album 疾風乱舞 (Shippuu Ranbu) -EPISODE I & II- meaning 'the dance of a hurricane' :D Scans and graphics done by me, coding helped by shabzilla the_lj_reboot and cartonage

daifuku is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

You don't know how true the above statement is :DDDD

Testimonials *glomps* :D

halffling ~ Teej is shiny. Not just any shiny, but SPARKLESHINE shiny - which is, naturally, the best kind of shiny there is.

pixeled ~ Teej is a spazzy,crack-bringin' slutbunny, and it's quite teh hawt.

shabzilla ~ arashiangel Teej Keita is muscley and strong, she will break easily because she fails at life. But on the plus side she has a living and breathing Ryohei nearby so the failing can't be that bad...

hikarichang ~ arashiangel is squishyfluffyCUTE ♥ *___* she'll listen to anything you say x___x all these strange and weird things *nodsnods* and her accent is so cute *envies* and ryohei's home is a couch ;) oOooOoh and her art is very cute =D *clapsclaps* and she provides shiny translations..oooh..purdii there is a lot "ands" in this msg ... she's squishy love ^0^b

gimmick_game ~ Teej is one crazy messed up girly, but she can make a joke out of WaT, w-inds. and ARASHI so I love her to death!!! *huggles*

sadaoru ~ Hmmmm...what to say about my Teejy...::nuzzles:: Well, She gives the BEST squishes!!
And if I didn't have her...I would have NO Da Pump stuff! And that would make me a VERY un-happy bunny!!!
I wouldn't be able to spaz fangirl half as much as I do! Her writing ish love and smex!
We have SO much in common...I am sooo glad to have met her and be able to call her my friend!!!
KENOBU FOR THE WIN!!! Love you Teej!!! ^n^//

Want to give me more random messages!? :3

Mod/Comm Things Involved in

jcandygloss - Shiny translations of sweet J-boys☆

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riddim_to_go - DA PUMP

j_crackart - Japanese entertainment crackart for the soul

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sub_is_message - Downloads of subbed w-inds. clips brought to you by Pantsu Staffu

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Credit and thanks to these people who help make the world just that little bit shinier (*_*)

*squishes and loves*


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